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Of all the pets we keep, the ones we rarely think need grooming are cats. I mean, haven’t we watched them clean themselves up time and time again? And just with their tongues no less. They surely don’t look like they need any help and nobody would blame you if you believed that to be true.

However, just like other pets, cats do need to be professionally groomed, albeit less frequently. Here are some of the benefits of grooming your cat:

1. Reduced shedding

Pet owners who regularly take their cat to the groomers will notice a significant improvement in coat health. This will in turn lead to reduced shedding. Guess what that means? Well, you will no longer have to live with cat fur all over your house.

As such, you won’t have to worry about your cat swallowing huge hairballs. Those who have allergies will also experience some relief.

2. Reduced mats in your cat’s coat

If cats aren’t regularly groomed, they risk having mats in their coat. Mats are usually uncomfortable and difficult to comb out. Professional cat groomers can easily remove these mats from your cat’s hair and maintain it at a manageable height, leaving your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.

3. Parasites are caught early

The more regularly you get your cat groomed, the higher the chances that you will notice any new parasites. Your cat groomer can easily find ticks and fleas during the grooming session because their hand is constantly in your cat’s fur. By getting this information early, you can start your cat on treatment way sooner.

What services do our cat groomers offer?

Now that you understand the importance of getting your cat groomed, we are now going to tell you how we can help you. Here are the main services we offer in our cage-free Cage package:


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1. Nail care

Many of us remember vividly the last time we were scratched by a cat. Let’s just say, it’s not one of our fondest memories. It is therefore not a good idea to have your cat walking around with long nails that can cause a lot of trouble when they are spooked.

To counteract this, we offer nail trimmings for your little feline. We usually trim the nails up to the quick, a pink area in your cat’s claw that has sensitive veins. This reduces the rate at which the nails grow back. To maintain your cat’s nails at a manageable length, they should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.


2. A bath

We all know that cats don’t like water. They get all fidgety and lose it whenever they are forced to deal with water. It is therefore not surprising that our bath is one of our most popular mobile grooming services.

Needless to say, many people don’t have the grooming techniques required to get through a cat bath unscathed. However, our expert cat groomers are highly skilled in this sector. With specialized equipment like a recirculating bath, they have what it takes to get your cat cleaned without any altercations.

Fortunately, cats rarely need to get a bath. They mostly need one when they’re super dirty, have a skin condition, or are infested with parasites.

3. Hair brushing

Ideally, you should brush your cat’s hair weekly and get this done at a groomer once every three months. Our groomers will thoroughly brush out your feline’s hair, paying special attention to mats and knots. They are also always on the lookout for any bumps and lumps.

4. Dental and ear care

To reduce plaque build-up in your cat’s teeth, we offer teeth brushing services. We also wash your cat’s ears and look for any signs of caked wax, debris, or odor.