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Basic Dog Groom West Palm Beach , FL

With a few sets of simple grooming tools, there are simple ways you can groom your dog from the comfort of your home. However, it is still important to regularly take them to experts for basic grooming.

Why does your dog need regular basic grooming?

While it is tempting to just wing it and avoid taking your dog for regular basic grooming sessions, this has some serious consequences. First of all, without them, it will be difficult to prevent mats on your own, leaving your dog in a very uncomfortable situation.

Alternatively, your dog’s nails could grow very quickly, causing them discomfort when they walk. In extreme cases, they may even experience severe skin irritation or ear infections. Ultimately, regular basic grooming is integral to both your dog’s comfort and health.

How often should you take your dog for basic grooming?

Ideally, you should get your dog a basic grooming session at least once a month as you continue to provide simple grooming in between salon visits. We have an amazing basic dog grooming package that you should definitely try out.

 Basic dog grooming package

Our basic dog grooming package includes a bath, a brush out, and a few things here and there depending on your dog’s needs..

The Bath

Whether your dog has long or short hair, taking regular baths does wonders for them. Not only does it keep them clean, but it also helps with skin and coat health.
When bathing your dog, we usually use warm hydro baths to ensure that water quickly and thoroughly penetrates even the toughest parts of your dog’s coat.

This way, we save on water, time, and energy. Another good thing about hydro baths is that they have a massaging quality that alleviates and prevents arthritis. They also open your dog’s skin pores, letting go of dead hair and therefore preventing future shedding.

What’s more? Hydro baths can be infused with some specialized shampoo that kills all pests and bacteria. This can help cure skin ailments and even activate your dog’s hair growth.

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When bathing your dog, we also clean your dog's eyes and ears. As such, we are usually one of the first to notice when your dogs ears have an infection. To sweeten the pot, we even go as far as providing a nail trim and basic teeth brushing services.

The Brush Out

Brushing your dog’s hair is one of the best ways to spread the natural oil in his coat while reducing hair shedding. It is also during this task that we discover any new lumps and bumps in a dog’s coat.

When it comes to brushing your dog’s hair, we try to work with a gentle touch because we know that being forceful may break your dog's hair and damage his coat. We also use mat spray and coat conditioner whenever we encounter a mat.

This generally makes the untangling process easier and ensures that your dog has a pleasant and painless grooming experience. As professional groomers, we understand that different coats need different brushing tools.

As such, we use pin brushes for long-haired breeds. This is because they easily reach the dog’s skin and painlessly remove any loose hair. On the other hand, short-haired coats do just fine with a rubber brush or even a grooming glove. These easily remove dirt and loose hair. Alternatively, we can use a slicker brush.

When it comes to hair brushing, short-haired breeds are lower maintenance than their long-haired counterparts. While the latter need to be brushed weekly, the former can last a few weeks without a brush. Our typical brush-out usually takes about fifteen minutes.